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Grounding of electrical equipment protects your personnel and equipment from over-voltages, faults, and lightning. It ensures system voltage stability by providing a solid reference to earth. Grounding also establishes a reference to control electrical noise that can interfere with proper operation of your electrical equipment. Periodic testing to verify grounding system integrity is essential for safeguarding your operations and overall business.


  • Visual and mechanical inspection assesses grounding system operation and may uncover easy-to-resolve grounding issues
  • Connections check of main bonding connection and accessible bolted electrical connections helps ensure the integrity of your grounding system
  • Point-to-point testing per IEEE standards determines the resistance between the main grounding system and all major electrical equipment frames, system neutral, and/or derived neutral points
  • Comprehensive report details findings from the ground testing and includes any conclusions or recommendations for repair and infrastructure changes


  • Greater confidence in your grounding system is achieved when maintenance and testing verifies system integrity
  • Improved worker safety occurs as a sound grounding system manages rogue current that can create hazards for personnel
  • Better equipment protection happens as proper grounding protects against over-voltages, faults, and lightning
  • Proper operation of protective devices is possible when grounding maintains voltage stability and eliminates electrical noise
  • Extended equipment operating life is achieved when destructive electrical current is properly managed
  • Ensured compliance with safety requirements is due to testing services provided by industry and infrastructure experts

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