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Increase Data Center Efficiency with The Liebert® DSE™

For data centers, minimizing energy consumption while maintaining reliability is increasingly important.

According to Vertiv’s 2016 Cooling The Edge Survey, 50% of data center managers say insufficient cooling capacity is a major concern at their facility. Additionally, 57% state that improving energy efficiency is a top priority.

Innovative technology like the Liebert® DSE™ from Vertiv, change how data centers thermal management systems are designed to maximize efficiency, scalability, and reliability.

Whether data centers are experiencing an increase in heat density, want to reduce cooling costs, or need to condense high-capacity equipment, the Liebert® DSE™ offers optimal thermal management and control, while reducing energy consumption.

Vertiv’s Thermal Management Integrated Solutions

The Liebert® DSE™ with pumped refrigerant economization system provides industry-leading thermal management efficiency, protection, and insight. The system solves many design issues for thermal management needs and is up to 50% more efficient than legacy solutions.

As a complete integrated system, it includes four main components that work together for increased efficiency of thermal management.

  • Liebert DSE: An interior computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unit with digital scroll compressors that match cooling to IT load.
  • Liebert iCom: Thermal system controls optimize operation with real-time data insights.
  • Liebert MC: Micro-channel exterior condenser with Fan/Coil operating strategy to increase load efficiency.
  • Liebert EconoPhase: Pumped refrigerant economizer that is serviceable without the loss of cooling.

How it Works

The integrated system operates like a standard air cooled Direct Expansion (DX) system, but when the criteria for economization are met, the compressors automatically turn off and a refrigerant pump is turned on to move the refrigerant through the system and remove heat from the data center.

The Liebert® DSE™ is not based on a fixed exterior temperature or chilled water temperature, and the unit is able to function in economizer mode at higher outdoor temperatures when the load varies or the return air conditions increase.

Additionally, the system uses a built-in intelligence management system, the Liebert iCOM™. It allows the DSE system to continuously monitor and adjust to the data center IT load and outdoor conditions for economization while providing consistent cooling to IT equipment.

This complete integration creates a cooling system that reduces total cost of ownership while providing powerful reliability compared to competitors.

integrated systems

The Liebert® DSE™ maximizes operation systems through:

  1. Efficiency

Exceeds the ASHRAE 90.1 industry standard for energy efficiency in cooling equipment by 600%.  It helps ensure the data center receives the right amount of cooling and can accommodate for growth and changing data center loads while reducing energy costs and lowering power usage effectiveness (PUE).

  1. Scalability

Eliminates overcooling and unnecessary energy consumption and allows systems to operate efficiently at both partial and full cooling load conditions. This precision cooling solution utilizes scalable components such as variable capacity compressors and condensers to ensure that cooling output directly corresponds to the demands of the IT and networking systems.

  1. Availability

Guarantees reliability and performance of data center equipment while operating at the industry’s highest efficiency. The Liebert® DSE™ can create savings of 70% or greater compared to traditional precision cooling systems.

Need to Improve Your Data Efficiency?

Increasing the efficiency of a data center’s cooling infrastructure is one of the most effective ways to decrease utility spending, conserve water, and reduce compressor runtime.

Data centers need a reliable solution like the Liebert® DSE™ in order to ensure availability and capacity while minimizing costs. For more information on how you can benefit from this sustainable solution, click here.

As your Vertiv partner, we work with you to develop a plan that reduces energy consumption while optimizing cooling performance. Contact us today to learn more about our Thermal Management solutions.

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