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Computer Conditioning Corp of the New Orleans Metro and Jackson, Mississippi is a proud distributor of Powersmiths’ data center and mission critical solutions 

Powersmiths’ data center and mission critical customers are provided with some of the most configurable and innovative technologies on the market today. Powersmiths offers highly configurable power distribution units: Energy Station™ (PDUs) and remote power panels (RPPs), energy efficient OPAL™ transformers, advanced Cyberhawk™ metering and, specially engineered, integrated products.  These products and solutions are engineered and designed to deliver optimal results for even the most complex applications 

Industries Ideal For: 

  • Mission Critical 
  • Commercial 
  • Colocation 
  • Medical 
  • IT/Cloud Providers 


OPAL™ Series Transformers Deliver Even More Energy Savings

Opal SeriesOPAL™ – Optimized Performance for the Application Load low-voltage dry-type transformers deliver maximum energy savings based on the application load profile.

Unlike other brands, OPAL™ Series transformers prevent energy waste well beyond the minimum standard transformer (DOE 2016), resulting in the highest efficiency power distribution with the lowest lifecycle cost and, as a result, are suitable for LEED®, Net Zero, and sustainably designed buildings.

E-Saver OPAL-R™ Series

Energy Efficient Transformers for ESCO, UESC & Energy Retrofit Applications

High performance low-voltage transformers optimized to deliver verified savings with up to 80% less losses than pre2007/TP-1 transformers* and performance optimized specifically for ESCO, Utility and Commercial Energy Retrofit Applications.

Opal R Series

T1000 OPAL™ Series

Opal T1000Energy Efficient Harmonic Mitigating Transformers

Harmonic mitigating transformers optimized to deliver 30% less losses than DOE 2016* minimum efficiency requirement, for New Construction, LEED®, Net Zero and High Performance buildings that require improved power quality in a harmonic-rich environment.

Opal T1000 Waveforms

Integrated Transformer Meters

Hassle-free integrated submeters that support M&V, continuous commissioning and submetering requirements

  • Integrated Transformer MeterMeasure & verify energy savings
  • Benchmark, trend, and analyze power and energy use
    Support ongoing commissioning for LEED®, Net Zero and Sustainably Designed Buildings
  • Correlate equipment malfunction to power quality anomalies
  • Profile the harmonic content of the load
  • Easily access data remotely through browser-based displays for analysis and reporting
  • Enable data collection in facilities that restrict access to live transformers
  • Use the building as a teaching tool by using real-time energy data to educate building occupants of their energy consumption