Computer Conditioning Corporation & Product Engineering are proud to represent the following lines of equipment, which we consider to be the best in their class.  

Whether you’re looking for Uninterruptable Power Supplies or Environmental Controls, our team is committed to help find a custom solution for your unique needs. Browse our equipment partners below and get in touch with us today to place an order.


Computer and control process room environmental, power and monitoring equipment recognized around the world as the industry leader in temperature and humidity control, surge suppression, UPS, and more.


Badger Meter offers innovative flow metering and control solutions for smart water management, smart buildings and smart industrial processes, to help measure and protect resources for a smarter world. Badger offers many types of solutions from insertion meters to Ultra sonics and to the most cost effective and accurate Mag Meters.


Ebtron thermal dispersion airflow measurement products provide accuracy, repeatability and reliability. Specializing in microprocessor based thermal sensors for airflow and temperature measurement. *Direct Measurement of Outdoor Air Intake Flow Rates *High Accuracy Zone Airflow Measurement *Building Pressure Control *Delta CFM Fan Tracking *Demand Control Ventilation Options


The worldwide leader in fan coil units for use with chilled and hot water, DX and electric heat. With an unparalleled standard product and the flexibility of custom designing products to meet your specific needs.


Marvair is a diversified manufacturer of self-contained heating, ventilation and air conditioning products for telecommunication buildings, school classrooms, commercial modular structures, petrochemical sites and for the marine industry. Since 1947, Marvair has been recognized as a world leader in specialty packaged HVAC equipment.


Multistack is the leader in module chiller design and performance. Air and water cooled modular chillers from 10 – 145 tons with scroll, screw and MagLev centrifugal compressors. Modules can be combined to create chillers up to 1,600 tons. Multistack chillers can produce hot and cold water with heat pump options and dedicated heat recovery chillers. Multisatck stand-alone air and water cooled packaged options from 3-ton scroll models to 1000 ton MagLev flooded machines.


For 50 years, Griswold Controls has set the standard for innovative, reliable and quality products for HVAC and Industrial applications. Griswold Controls has been the leader in HVAC flow control technology and the experts in flow control applications. Applications include HVAC, pools, irrigation, fueling depots & pharmaceutical applications.


A passive energy saving device that can be added to new or existing air handlers. It effectively lowers humidity which, in turn reduces energy costs and equipment sizing. Compared to other dehumidification technologies, HPT heat pipes can save up to 50% of the energy normally consumed.


Hitachi helps create harmonious living and working environments where people thrive. This is brought to life through the design and manufacture of cutting-edge cooling and heating technology for residential, commercial and industrial settings.


Sanuvox Technologies Inc. is a global leader in ultraviolet air treatment providing the most advanced cost-effective In-Duct & Stand-Alone UV Air and Coil Sterilization Systems available. Proprietary Sanuvox UV Systems are designed to maximize exposure time delivering the Ultraviolet energy required to deliver exceptionally high airborne disinfection rates.


Smartech specializes in air & water cooled chillers, evaporative cooled chillers, low temperature chillers, explosion-proof chillers, air handling units, industrial package air conditioning units, heat pumps, and pump tank packages. Smartech chillers are ETL listed and comply with the stringent ASHRAE 90.1 standards.


Tate raised floor flooring systems are redefining data center airflow management. Our products increase flexibility and save time while improving efficiency and capacity. Tate manufacturing facilities are certified under the ISO:9001:2008 Certified Quality Management System, and OHSAS 18001:2007 Certified Occupational Health & Safety Management, ISO:14001:2004 Certified Environmental Management System.


TempMaster® products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards—delivering the lasting performance, exceptional energy efficiency and reliability demanded by commercial HVAC professionals.


TMI Climate Solutions combines innovative design, custom manufacturing and powerful partnerships combined with strong commitment to the highest quality and customer satisfaction to lead the custom modular climate solutions market. Providing custom Dx and chilled water air handling units and advanced hydronics solutions for commercial and industrial, healthcare and pharmaceutical, government and military, institutional labs and research facilities along with many other applications.


Providing quality service and products to the marketplace since 1961, Witt is a leading supplier of OEM commercial heat transfer equipment including unit coolers, air cooled condensers, condensing units, air handlers and heat reclaim equipment. Witt manufactures one of the smallest footprint AHU’s on the market.