Battery Testing Services

Battery Testing Services

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You need consistent power to drive operations. This means reliable availability of both alternating current and direct current power systems. In the event of a power failure or outage, your electrical power system is only as strong as its weakest link. Arguably, DC system batteries are considered the most critical, yet the most vulnerable. Do you have a handle on your batteries and their current lifespan? How do you know when the end is near?

Batteries are electrochemical devices that require regular checks to ensure safe and proper operation. With Vertiv Services, we maintain batteries with a program that identifies system anomalies and end-of-life trends. It’s this battery performance information, along with the extensive industry experience leveraged by Vertiv™ technicians, that allows you to truly understand battery health and ensure timely, cost-effective replacement.

Vertiv can help you evaluate your batteries and determine the most cost-effective solutions to extend the life and minimum battery failure.

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Service Solutions

Preventive Maintenance

The failure of a single battery cell can compromise your entire power protection system. Vertiv’s battery maintenance services provide cost-effective solutions for inspecting, assessing and maintaining the health of your batteries and associated hardware. Scheduled maintenance inspections are available for all battery types.

On an even larger scale, Vertiv offers UPS Preventive Maintenance, which includes higher-level aspects of battery testing. It’s important to implement maintenance and testing services that take an in-depth look at both the UPS as a whole and the battery power specifically.

Our services include quick and efficient turnkey installation services, upgrades, replacement, and life-extension services for your data center.

Predictive Maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance helps keep your critical facility running. Backup power systems rely on well-maintained generators to provide backup power during extended power outages. Regular maintenance ensures your generator will start quickly to assume the full load and keep your critical facility running. Services include generator testing and maintenance.