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Empowering Your Remote Workforce With Edge Solutions

Empowering Your Remote Workforce with Edge Solutions

While the recent emphasis on enabling the remote workforce is driven by COVID-19, the process of planning and working through this change will create a new, long-term standard for business flexibility and continuity.

As we discover and implement all the requirements to empower the remote workforce, we are learning how to enhance the work-life experience for employees by opening the doors to work effectively and efficiently remotely.

When preparing your employees to work remotely for an extended period of time, it’s important not to overlook the requirements of your IT infrastructure.


Enabling your team to work remotely will create new security risks and threats. Opening your IT infrastructure for remote access will require creating and enforcing security policies and controls. Securely enabling the IT team to work remotely is the first step in ensuring network and information security.

Management software is essential for empowering your IT team and keeping them organized. When working remotely, management software can give them a single point of access for tracking servers, power equipment, and other critical network assets.

Scalable Power Supply Solutions

Your data center relies on a dependable power supply to enable your remote workforce. Even a small disruption is a critical issue, so your power distributions must be a priority when preparing your team to work from home.

A PDU, or Power Distribution Unit, will control and distribute power to computers, servers, and networking devices within an IT environment. Beyond standard power distributions, PDUs can be utilized for in-depth power management and monitoring for IT infrastructure.

Need help selecting the right PDU solution for your business? Our free PDU guide will help you identify your power distribution needs, power requirements, and more.

Controlling Environment and Monitoring

In spaces where essential data is stored, maintaining a cool, dry environment for efficient operations is imperative to ensure business productivity continuity. Maintaining ideal temperatures in your IT infrastructure is essential for mitigating the risks of downtime.

As your team works remotely, you’ll need continuous monitoring of your critical thermal equipment to give you the most accurate insight into your energy efficiency. Real-time data allows you to quickly adjust based on your load requirements, cooling optimization, and overall data center performance.

Need help to determine your data center cooling requirements? Our Thermal Management Selection Tool helps you select the best cooling equipment for a broad range of applications.

Discover the Perfect Edge Solutions with a Dedicated Partner

We can empower your IT teams by providing remote access solutions and help you proactively prepare for business continuity when physical access to critical resources is restricted. Learn more about our monitoring and management solutions.

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