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Aperture Software

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Aperture software delivers real-time view of data center assets, enabling companies to manage complex physical infrastructures including equipment, space, power, cooling, network and storage.


  • Real-time and risk-adjusted operational data facilitates accurate resource planning to reduce capital expenditure and optimize resource efficiency
  • Common system of record for equipment in multiple data centers delivers comprehensive, accurate information for planning and managing data center resources
  • Standardized processes provide greater predictability and control while increasing IT’s ability to respond quickly to changing business conditions
  • Real-time monitoring of all data center resources provides immediate insight to improve resource allocation, energyefficiency, usage projections and capacity planning
  • Desktop access to accurate, real-time and unified information
  • High-level dashboard for an intuitive snapshot that enables a quick assessment of infrastructure performance
  • Detailed visibility into actual capacities of physical and virtual assets with in-depth reports on current state and future needs
  • Standard process for installing equipment to reduce errors and shorten installation time
  • Audit trail of everyone entering thedata center


  • Optimize energy, capital resource and process efficiency with risk-adjusted values that provide insight into the actual resource load.
  • More effectively rightsize the physical infrastructure and extend data center lifespan with a holistic view of the infrastructure.
  • Maintain a single, trusted source of information for the entire data center and its contents within a business service view.
  • Visually monitor all data centers through a single, unified solution to eliminate the use of ad hoc tools and processes.
  • Automate and standardize data center processes to remove the “human element” and increase the delivery of predictable, high-quality service

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