Vertiv Avocent HMX6200R – IP KVM Receiver| USB 2.0 RX Dual DVI-D Audio SFP

Vertiv Avocent HMX6200R – IP KVM Receiver| USB 2.0 RX Dual DVI-D Audio SFP | LeftSideView
Vertiv Avocent HMX6200R – IP KVM Receiver| USB 2.0 RX Dual DVI-D Audio SFP | FeatureInfographics

The Vertiv Avocent HMX6200R – IP KVM Receiver (HMX6200R-001) is a high performance KVM extender that provides access to system computers via a CATx network, allowing users the ability to access and share computing resources. It is ideal for demanding applications such as pre- and post-production editing, control rooms and collaborative environments. The KVM has hotkey capability and allows fast switching. It provides access to DVI-D video resolution of up to 2560 x 1600 @ 60Hz.


  • Eliminates Distance Limitations within the LAN - Allows computers and users to be located anywhere on the network
  • High-Quality DVI Video and Digital Audio - For intensive graphic and audio applications
  • Centralized Management - Via a single console, including access, desktop pooling and reporting
  • Centralized, User-Rights Management - HMX system allows user administration and authentication through AD, LDAP, TACACS+, RADIUS, RSA SecureID and NT
  • Greater Security - 128bit AES encryption for secure access
  • No Dedicated Cabling - Removes the need for dedicated cabling between user and computer
  • Digital DVI Video - Up to 2560 x 1600or dual sessions at 1920x1200 each
  • USB Support - USB media and most other USB devices including USB keyboard/mouse


Truly unlimited extension distances - Extension distance is not limited to a single 100 meter cable length - If you need toextend further, simply add a 1GbE network switch to achieve even greater distances.The units are also fitted with SFP cages to accept fiber optic transceivers which enable much greater extension distances.Single CATx cable or fiber for greater flexibility - This significant asset is what gives you the freedom to use the full variety of cable links that you typically find within an average structured cabling system. The result is that you can achieve reliable links, regardless of whether the cables are CAT5e, CAT6 or CAT7.Real time control with perfect digital video - Using a spatially-lossless encoding system, with 1:1 pixel mapping. The digitalvideo you receive is the same as the digital video leaving the remote computer.Security - For applications where security is of high importance, the system has the ability to disable the use of non-HID devices, meaning there is no need to physically block USB ports to prevent the use of mass storage devices.

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