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Vertiv LIFE™ Services provides continuous monitoring and data analysis by remote system engineers that quickly, accurately, and safely restore equipment to its proper operating condition.


  • Remote monitoring of 150 unique parameters happens 24/7 to allow for early detection of trends and operating anomalies that may lead to critical failures if not addressed
  • Data analysis by specially trained remote system engineers provides interpretation of critical system alarms and status messages to better understand potential data center impact
  • Remote problem diagnosis, using the extensive data collected, determines the cause of alarm conditions, identifies potential future problems, and provides information on performance trends
  • Rapid incident response happens due to near-instant notification of issues followed by concurrent problem diagnosis and dispatching of an informed technician
  • Detailed reports contain a summary of all alarm events for the entire monitoring period, demonstrating that your critical systems are operating successfully and have continuous remote monitoring


  • Enhanced critical system availability and less downtime happens with continuous monitoring of critical systems
  • Improved mean time between failures (MTBF) comes from having expert data analysis and ongoing actionable information
  • Faster mean time to repair (MTTR) is achieved with remote problem diagnosis and rapid incident response
  • Better first-time fix rate occurs when technicians are armed with information and parts needed to service a down unit
  • Extended equipment life happens when critical systems are optimized based on data and performance trends
  • Reduced on-site maintenance is possible because of the ability to remotely adjust power or cooling equipment
  • Lower overall maintenance costs occur because technicians are only dispatched as needed and infrastructure experts are able to prioritize maintenance dollars based on your equipment’s performance profiles

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