NetSure ITM

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Data center-optimized row-based 48 VDC UPS that is designed to support the move to higher efficiency, density and flexibility enabled by row-based power and cooling.


  • High efficiency power conversion units (PCUs) are field replaceable without critical bus disruption
  • Energy optimization mode for near-peak efficiency down to 5% load
  • Fewer components, conversion stages and distribution breakers throughout the power chain
  • Eliminates complex synchronization circuits and the need to de-rate capacity for phase balancing or harmonics
  • Eliminates the need for a dedicated power room and separate PDU distribution
  • Top or bottom cable entry allows for raised or non-raised floor installations
  • Advanced control and monitoring: Real time input and output monitoring One-year warranty: Provides full system coverage for one year


  • Minimize CapEx by building out power capacity in a scalable fashion to match your site power needs
  • Achieve significant energy savings even at low loads with high system efficiency
  • Minimize initial investment through DC architecture simplicity with reduced end-to-end power conversion stages
  • High reliability and exceptional resiliency: Uninterrupted operation in the unlikely event of multiple component failures
  • Low voltage enables maintenance without bypass or shutdown
  • Free up floor space for revenue generating equipement by eliminating the need for a dedicated power room

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