SCMV2160DPH-400, Vertiv™ Cybex™ Secure MultiViewer KVM Switch 16 port

SCMV2160DPH-400, Vertiv™ Cybex™ Secure MultiViewer KVM Switch 16 port | LeftSideView
SCMV2160DPH-400, Vertiv™ Cybex™ Secure MultiViewer KVM Switch 16 port | LeftSideView

The Vertiv™ Cybex™ Secure MultiViewer KVM continues to provide the KVM solution required in accessing both classified and non-classified data. Through an all new video port, the Cybex™ Secure MultiViewer accepts either HDMI or DP connector cables when the input/target video port has a universal connector. The Cybex™ Secure MultiViewer can be used in either a single or dual display projection scenario with up to 16 computers on a single screen and features such as tiling, windowing, and touch screen.


  • Unidirectional data flow of keyboard, mouse, video, and audio
  • Isolated switch ports provide discrete processing paths to each system
  • Video support up to UHD 4K at 60 Hz
  • Flexible screen/window layout options with zero lag
  • Secure KVM switching allows for simultaneous interaction with multiple computers from different security classifications on a single or dual display
  • Cursor Navigation Switching (CNS) – keyboard and mouse control seamlessly transitions when moving cursor across window borders, no clicks required.
  • Touch screen support
  • Universal video connectors - Supports either HDMI or DP on the same physical video input port
  • Smart-card (CAC) reader or biometric readers for authentication across multiple secure computers (4 and 8-port models)
  • Eliminate need of multiple hardware resources, such as monitors, keyboards, mice, and cables…
  • Ease of setup and use
  • Multi-colored LEDs for enhanced channel identification


  • View information on a single display from multiple, isolated computers
  • Dual head display capabilities give the user visibility to data on two monitors in duplicate or extended screen mode
  • Provides flexible multiple screen layout options for users; Tile, Scale, PIP or custom
  • Block unauthorized USB devices while allowing secure switching of smart card and biometric devices between computers
  • Universal video connectors to support DP, HDMI, and DVI-D without adapters
  • Tamper-evident holographic labels to ensure hardware hasn’t been compromised
  • Enhances ability to multitask by keeping multiple critical systems in the user’s field of vision
  • Keyboard lock status indication on 4 and 8-port desktop models

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